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AudibleRx Platform

AudibleRx is seeking to partner with like-minded health care institutions committed to improving consumer health literacy.

As a practicing community pharmacist myself, I know that each and every time I discuss a new medication with a patient that they will have more questions when they get home.

Our goal, when counseling patients about their medications, is to provide them with clear and concise information about their medication.  Additionally, we want to provide each and patient with every available opportunity to achieve their best possible treatment outcome.

Unfortunately, patients rarely receive the level of counseling their health care provider would like to provide to them.  Whether at the hospital bedside or pharmacy counter, patients are regularly counseled about multiple prescriptions in a very short time. The patient is then sent home with stacks of medication leaflets that may be difficult to read.

Not only may these information sheets be difficult to read but also, over 36% of the United States adult population are challenged with literacy and may not have the capacity to read them even if they wanted to.

Answer this question: Have you, as a health care provider, taken the time to read, beginning to end, each and every one of the consumer medication information (CMI) sheets you provide to your patients?

We at AudibleRx® have read hundreds of CMI handouts. We have taken the time to re-write each CMI session with the reader/listener in mind.  Our brand of CMI is designed specifically for those challenged with literacy or visual impairment; however, it is useful for any patient or caregiver to use.

Each session has been professionally recorded with a pleasing human voice so patients may LISTEN to the CMI session while they read along on their computer or mobile device.

Provide your patients with USEFUL and ACCESSIBLE Consumer Medication Information by joining AudibleRx.

Our product is a complete library of CMI sessions.  We will work with you to determine the best way to deliver the sessions to your specific patient poputlation.

  • We have developed a portable, HIPPA compliant, stand-alone hand held device. This is the entry level tool we recommend for initial use of the platform.
  • Additionally, our library may be white-labeled or integrated into existing data systems such as pharmacy software or electronic health records.
  • Our Information Technology team will work with you to define which delivery system will best meet the needs of your institution.
 Contact us today to learn more about implementing AudibleRx at your institution, clinic or pharmacy.

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