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Our Solution

Accessible and Useful Consumer Medication Information.

Content is designed to meet specific health literacy guidelines. The purpose is to create Consumer Medication Information that is more useful to the reader/listener, while also meeting all the requirements listed in the FDA Useful Consumer Medication Information guidance document. We want this CMI to be accessible as well as useful to a much larger percentage of the population than current CMI options.

Format is designed to allow consumers to read along with the audible presentation of the CMI. When accessed on their mobile device or computer, the consumer will LISTEN to a human voice narrate the CMI of the specific medication. The consumer will then have the option to scroll the screen and “read along” with the narration. The consumer may also “print” the document.

This is not meant to replace pharmacist or clinician counseling. AudibleRx is an accessible enhancement to current CMI resources.



Accessibility: Patients listen and read along with AudibleRx CMI while in their hospital bed, the medical clinic, or pharmacy. Their provider discusses their medication with them before they go home. This will help bridge the medication-education-gap between consumer, pharmacist, and physician to improve patient outcomes, decrease medication misadventures and decrease hospital readmissions. Current CMI does little more than meet the regulatory requirement of the facility providing the leaflets.

CMI Development: For CMI to be considered USEFUL if must meet all the requirements listed in the FDA Guidance Document. AudibleRx CMI is templated based upon all FDA required elements, written with national health literacy guidelines in mind, and recorded with a professional human voice. Original document and recording, owned and copyright protected by AudibleRx.

Search Engine: Search medications by either generic or trade name with the easy-to-navigate interface and accessible through a hand held “kiosk” for clinic or bedside teaching. The AudibleRx Search Engine will launch with a library of nearly 1800 different medications, representing nearly 80% of all medications prescribed.

Regulatory Requirements: The AudibleRx library content is uniquely compliant with existing standards and guidelines for CMI. AudibleRx assists in Meaningful Use (MU2 and MU3) attestation in accordance with American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2011 by improving patient engagement. Improve patient experience and HCAHPS performance by empowering patient to participate in their care plan and increasing patient understanding of medications.